Chalkidiki. A place of central Macedonia especially endued since it combines the evergreen woods full of pine trees with the aquamarine, crystal sea. Chalkidiki is separated into 3 peninsulas which are commonly called "podia" (legs). The first one is called KASSANDRA, the second one SITHONIA, and the third one ATHOS.

The first leg or peninsula, that of Kassandra, is the most highly developed, due to the face that is the closest one to Thessaloniki (only 57 kilometres away) and attracts even the local weekenders (with all good and bad consequences that this has).

The peninsula of Kassandra is separated from the rest of Macedonia by a 1250 meters long and 40 meters wide canal, which joins the Golf of Thermaikos and the Golf of Toroneos. There are no historical facts about when the canal was created, but according to history it was possibly opened by Kassandros and later completed by the Byzantine emperors.

A small region where at the same time it is also the Kallandras beach.
A very beautiful beach with gold sand and crystal water.The point report of Possidi is the old lighthouse.

In Possidi, you can make quiet vacations but also to have fun until late night in the beach bars that exist near the beach.
Ideal beach waits for you in order to enjoy the sun and the sea.
In a very small distance you can visit the Temple of Neptune and the ancient Mendi (the city with the characteristic coin of a person ride a donkey).

Even if they exist everything for your needs, included and drugstore, in distance of 12 kilometres its the city Kassandreia, where it allocates the health care hospital, banks and public services (POST OFFICE, POLICE e.t.c.).





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